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Car / Vehicle Shipping

When you are in need of a professional vehicle transport company, the choice is easy. Ghana Ocean Freight Forwarders is the leader when it comes to the need of shipping a vehicle from any state in USA to Ghana and shipping a car across the country.

As for the cost to ship a car, there are a few factors that can go into pricing. The time of year you’re shipping, the size & weight of the vehicle, the route/distance from origin to destination, and the type of vehicle shipping service you choose. All of these can make fluctuations in the cost to transport a vehicle. Speak with a vehicle transportation specialist so we can figure out your specific cost.

About us

Since the inception of this company in 1982, Ghana Ocean Freight Forwarders (GOFF) LLC has been in the shipment business and have succeeded in satisfying our customers with reliable, safe shipping and delivery of goods.

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