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Car / Vehicle Shipping

When you are in need of a professional vehicle transport company, the choice is easy. Ghana Ocean Freight Forwarders is the leader when it comes to the need of shipping a vehicle from any state in USA to Ghana and shipping a car across the country.

As for the cost to ship a car, there are a few factors that can go into pricing. The time of year you’re shipping, the size & weight of the vehicle, the route/distance from origin to destination, and the type of vehicle shipping service you choose. All of these can make fluctuations in the cost to transport a vehicle. Speak with a vehicle transportation specialist so we can figure out your specific cost.

Work And Pay Services

Ghana Ocean Freight Forwarders Work and Pay services is available to drivers in Ghana who want to own their own vehicle. Our payment terms are spread over 2 to 3 years, after which you can now drive your car like a boss.

 Talk to our customer help line to begin registration as well as the Terms And Conditions.

Car Rentals

Our services range from vehicle rental/leasing, corporate transportation, airport transfers, shuttle services and travel services. We operate a fleet of over 50 vehicles which include sedans, 4x4s, mini buses, luxury vehicles and coaches.

GOFF Car Rential Services consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellent customer service and believes your organization will benefit from a partnership with us. The company has the broadest destination knowledge in our local transportation industry. With GOFF Car Rentals, you can expect seamless service every time.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply chains of any scale face the same challenges: regulations, capacity constraints, economic pressures, shortages, surpluses, delays and inefficiencies. Our supply chain management (SCM) expertise will streamline your supply chain through proven practices and realistic planning. We'll collaborate with your team and improve your bottom line results.

Did you know that some of your best cost savings can stem from supply chain optimization and effective management? Our SCM experts can evaluate and optimize any aspect of any supply chain, from freight transportation, to warehousing and distribution. More than any one process, we're the whole process.

Supply Chain Benefits:
  • Warehousing Logistics
  • Insight into freight through EDI
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Merge In-Transit
  • And more!

Full Container Load (FCL) Handling

Ghana Ocean Freight Forwarders (GOFF) provides complete Full Container Load Handling which gets delivered to the customer quickly. When an Full Container Load (FCL) shipment arrives at port, it’s unloaded from the vessel and delivered to the customer.

It’s more complicated for Less Container Load (LCL), which requires additional steps: consolidating different shipments, processing multiple documents per container, and then sorting goods for each customer. At each step, there is potential for delay.

About us

Since the inception of this company in 1982, Ghana Ocean Freight Forwarders (GOFF) LLC has been in the shipment business and have succeeded in satisfying our customers with reliable, safe shipping and delivery of goods.

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